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Alvin Tuarez Baccarat Player
Professional Baccarat Player

You bought several baccarat systems.
Nothing worked!
You joined baccarat forums.
Nothing gained!
You used Trending…Anti-trending…Trigger List…the Main Road…the Cockroach Road…the Small Eye Road strategies…etc.
Nothing consistent!
It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

This is an understatement.
In 2007, I was devastated on this game.
I was on the verge of throwing the towel.
I thought that playing baccarat for a living is just a pipe dream.
I tried everything I could think of.
Making an income from this game 12 years ago was a struggle.
It took me several years before I found the “holy grail” I was looking for.

You see, the problem is on your lack of baccarat skills.
For the past years, you are being manipulated by the casinos.
By following every thing they serve you over those baccarat tables.
Take for example the different “trends” you see on the monitor.
How many times did you try to look for “patterns” on The Main Road, The Cockroach Road, The Small Eye Road etc.?
Did you achieve consistent wins doing this?

By following these trends, you are being “misdirected” on your plays.
The “cycle of sometimes you win, most of the time you lose” is the result of these trending & anti-trending strategies.
The game of baccarat is all about winning consistently.
If you can’t achieve consistency on this game, you are doomed to fail.
Believe me, I traveled this road 12 years ago.
And that’s when I started thinking out-of-the-box.
If you are planning to make a living out of this game, you need to master these 3 baccarat skills.

The 4 Baccarat Skills You Need To Master


Learn a NEW way of TRACKING the Player-Banker sequence. Pattern recognition is long obsolete.


Learn how to EXPOSE the winning Player-Banker sequence. Learn this skill and your bet placements will be on another level.


Learn the right TIMING on your bet placements. Learn this skill and you will never miss a winning bet again.


Learn how to MAXIMIZE your profits. Learn this skill and you will know how to achieve 5-6 figures income on this game!

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