“A NEW Winning Card Counting Baccarat System With A “Twist”

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Alvin Tuarez Baccarat Player
Professional Baccarat Player

Early in 2008, I abandoned the most common baccarat system-strategy known to every baccarat player – “pattern recognition” strategy.


My first hand experienced using this strategy showed me its limitations.

First, pattern recognition cannot totally expose the winning Player-Banker sequence.

Second, you cannot achieve the right timing on your bet placements with this strategy.

And lastly, you cannot achieve maximum income potential with this strategy.

These three limitations are enough for me to quit using pattern recognition.

I knew it will lead me nowhere on my baccarat plays if I continued using this baccarat strategy.

If you’re just starting out on this game, pattern recognition is the easiest & simplest baccarat strategy that you can employ on your baccarat games.

But, after some time, effort, and money burned over that baccarat tables, you will realized that pattern recognition is not enough to make consistent profits on this game.

Don’t worry.

You’re not alone.

I traveled that road too.

But, the great thing is, I changed my losing ways.

Let me prove my point.

Take a look at this Player-Banker sequence.

The Main Road

I played this baccarat game last August 30, 2019 at City of Dreams.

This was my first game for the day.

Now, whatever pattern recognition strategy that you have, try to score these Player-Banker sequence.

How many unit profits could you have won on this game?

It’s easy to win 5-10 units on this given P-B sequence, right?

On this game, I won 133 units ($13,300) in just 27 minutes of play.

How did I achieve that?

Definitely, NOT with pattern recognition.

Like I said, pattern recognition has its limitations.

Now, how did I attack this baccarat game?

I developed a card-counting baccarat system with a “twist.”

You see, the basic concept of card-counting in blackjack is not applicable to baccarat.

Many baccarat experts have pointed this out.

From Dr. Edward Thorp to James Grosjean, they have all agreed that card-counting in baccarat does not work over that baccarat tables.

So, how did I develop my own version of card-counting in baccarat?

It’s not so easy but, it’s doable.

You just need to apply a little “outside-the-box” thinking.

In general, the Player-Banker sequence is only doing two things – either it is going Repeat (same side) or going Opposite (opposite side).

Now, to get the exact algorithm of these Player-Banker sequence, I assigned a “count” on these two events.

If the baccarat hand is a Repeat (same side), I assigned a -1 point value for that outcome.

If the baccarat hand is an Opposite (opposite side), I assigned a +1 point value for that outcome.

To make this systematic, I created my own scoresheet with multiple columns.

How do I track the Player-Banker sequence?

A New Way Exposing The Player-Banker sequence

As you can see, I attack every game very “systematically.”

It looks overwhelming at first glance but, it’s very easy to execute.

You can finish each count in under 20 seconds and you still have enough time to place your bets.

Plus, this is perfectly legal on any casino around the world.

All I need is a pen & paper.

And this serves as my cheat sheet over that baccarat tables.

How do I make my bet placements?

For the last decade, my bet placements are based on the “codes” that was derived from counting the Repeats & Opposites of each Player-Banker outcome.

Meaning, I look for the codes before I make my Player-Banker bets.

This is a more accurate bet selection than looking at the Player-Banker “patterns.”

On this baccarat game, I only used two codes for my bet placements:

a) the (+/-) 1 0 1 0 1 0…codes; and

b) the (+/-) 1 2 1 2 1…codes.

These two codes were enough to achieve the maximum income potential for this game – 133 unit profits ($13,300).

Did I quit the game after the last winning hand?

Absolutely yes!

Winning $13,300 in just 27 minutes of play is enough for me.

I can now do the other cool stuffs I like for the rest of the day.

What can a 133 unit profits on a single baccarat game do to you?

If you’re a $10 bettor, this is a $1,330 half an hour’s work.

This can pay for your rent.

If you’re a $25 bettor, this is a $3,325 half an hour’s work.

This can pay your credit cards.

If you’re a $50 bettor, this is a $6,650 half an hour’s work.

This can pay your debts.

If you’re a $100 bettor, this is a $13,300 half an hour’s work.

This can pay your dream vacation.

If you’re a $500 bettor, this is a $66,500 half an hour’s work.

This can be your monthly retirement savings.

12 years ago, I could not achieve this result on my baccarat games.

I was just like you, grinding the baccarat tables for 8-12 hours just to profit 10 units a day!

I knew “something” was missing from my baccarat system of play.

I knew pattern recognition will only put food over the table.

And then, I finally cracked the baccarat code.

I finally found the “holy grail” in baccarat.

And I want to share it with you.

Test this out and let me know how it does for you.

It’s really working well for me every time I set foot at my nearby casinos.

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